Your relationship with Horton doesn’t end when your ambulance leaves our plant. With the longest road life in the industry, it’s inevitable that your ambulance will need service. From a simple bulb replacement to a full remount, our experts are uniquely equipped to service your vehicle to original specifications, performance and appearance.

Factory Service Center

The efficacy of service starts at the facility and staff level. Located less than a tenth of a mile from our main plant, Horton’s Service Center is a 76,000 square foot facility that houses all repair services and necessary inventory. Our technicians are fully-trained onsite by Horton with more than 30 years of Horton product knowledge to support the service of your custom vehicle.

Our Service Center is a fully-equipped facility, offering services in:

  • Body and hardware
  • Electrical and alternator
  • Heating and cooling
  • Oxygen and air
  • Paint and graphics
  • Accident repair
  • Emergency service
  • Lighting
  • HOPS
  • Intelliplex ellectrical
  • Stryker Power-LOAD Cot Mount
  • Remount

Horton Service Center is authorized in Stryker Power-LOAD cot mounting for all ambulance manufacturers.

Not only will you receive the highest quality work, but service performed at the Horton Service Center facility is the best way to ensure your vehicle maintains full warranty. And of course, all work includes full certification to Ford Qualified Vehicle Modifier and KKK-A-1822.

Dealer service

In addition to the factory Service Center, every Horton dealer is required to operate a certified service center in their geographic location. Many of our representatives have been in the Fire/EMS industry for more than 25 years, providing quality and reliable service to their customers. All representatives provide service that lives up to the Horton standard.

When you buy a Horton, you aren’t just buying a ambulance. You are establishing a relationship with our company and dealers that ensures the best service in the industry. You and your ambulance have a job to do. We are here to make sure you and perform that job to the best of your ability.

For Horton service, please contact your dealer.

To reach the Horton Service Center directly, please call 614.539.8181.

Service Bulletins