"New" has a new meaning

One of the many advantages to owning a Horton emergency vehicle is the durability of the module. Even under the most aggressive maintenance schedule, your chassis will eventually wear out. Ambulance remounts are a cost-effective way to lengthen the life of your vehicle while renewing and improving performance.

Not even sure that a remount is the way to go? We’ll work through all potential cost-saving options with you, making sure your decision to remount, trade-in, or buy new is the best for your obligations and needs.

Why choose Horton to remount your vehicle?

Many companies offer to remount Horton vehicles. While these services might appear attractive at first glance, there are certain dangers to remounting outside of the factory. We’ve performed countless "remounts of remounts" where a botched job has led a customer back to Horton. Not only does this usually double the customer's cost, it keeps a vehicle out of service for much longer than anticipated.

Remounting with Horton will ensure proper service along with other benefits, including:

  • Warranty
    • Horton factory remounts are the only remounts that retain your vehicle warranty. Remounts performed by Horton are warranted for one year from the date of the remount or 24,000 miles, whichever occurs first.
  • Quality
    • We aren’t going to let your ambulance go out the door unless we are fully-satisfied with the remount. The ambulance has our name on it! We are proud that quality has become synonymous with our brand and will work to uphold it. All remounts go through the same quality inspection process as a new ambulance, which covers over 1,500 checkpoints.
  • Available upgrades
    • A remount can encompass so much more than a new chassis. Horton can work with you to revamp interiors, upgrade electrical systems, apply a new paint scheme and more. Like our new vehicles, our remount program offers complete customization.
  • State-of-the-Art technology
    • Every Horton is a custom vehicle and requires necessary technology to build it as such. We have all the assets in-house to ensure your vehicle is serviced correctly, to factory specs, when remounted.

At Horton, our remount vehicles are given the same attention and service as a new ambulance going down the line. This means factory-quality attention, ensuring a fantastic remount.

Contact your local dealer for a Horton factory remount quote.