Employee Profile

Hannah, Welder

Hannah is one of our most recent additions to the Horton team. Hannah completed 2 years at Fort Hayes, overlapping with 1 year at Suburban Steel, before applying for and receiving a job at Horton.
How did you first hear about Horton?

I was attending an advisory council meeting at Fort Hayes Career Center. The Operational Excellence Manager from Horton came to speak with us and convinced me to apply and visit for a weld test.

What do you like most about working at Horton?

The people that I work around are really great. It’s not always a given that you’ll enjoy your fellow employees, but that’s the case here at Horton.

Would you recommend Horton to other people looking for a job?

Yes, Horton is a great place to work. I would encourage others to apply even in departments outside of my own.