Our Story

Horton Emergency Vehicles is the leading manufacturer of custom-built ambulances. Since 1968, Horton has committed itself to building the world’s safest ambulance, verified by extensive testing. Supported by a network of elite dealers, Horton continues to dedicate itself to the highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction.

  • Industry leader in medium duty ambulances
  • Superior construction, able to withstand 90,000 pound load test
  • More than 40 years of dynamic crash testing
  • VI-Tech mounting to isolate vibration and noise
  • Exclusive rollover occupant protection system

Mission Statement

To custom engineer and manufacture the safest and most reliable ambulance in the world through operational excellence.

Core values

Lance Randolph

Vice President / General Manager

Lance Randolph was named Vice President and General Manager of Horton Emergency Vehicles in August 2015. Previously, Lance served as the Chief Financial Officer of Allied Recreation Group, where he was instrumental in the revitalization of the Fleetwood RV and American Coach brands following the economic downturn. In addition, he played a key role in the successful integration of the Monaco and Holiday Rambler brands. Prior to joining Allied Recreation Group, Lance held the positions of Corporate Controller for Ajax Tocco Magnethermic and was the Director of Anti-Fraud Services for CBIZ, Inc.

Lance earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from The Ohio State University.

Jorge Jorge

Director of Engineering

Jorge Jorge was named Director of Engineering at Horton Emergency Vehicles in August 2016. Previously, Jorge served in the engineering department of REV Ambulance Group for over 15 years. While there, he has held the title of manufacturing engineer, production supervisor, and engineering supervisor. His primary expertise is on the “body” side of engineering ambulances and Jorge has an extensive understanding of the nuances of the ambulance market and our customers’ needs. This experience helps ensure Horton stays on the cutting edge of technology and innovation while also improving our manufacturing processes.

Jorge has a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and a master’s degree in industrial engineering.

Brad Garrison

Director of Operations

Brad Garrison joined Horton Emergency Vehicles in January 2016 as the Director of Operations. Brad has extensive manufacturing experience, having spent 5 years as Sr. Production Manager for Luxottica, the largest eyewear manufacturer in the world, and 4 years as Director for VSP Optical Manufacturing. His experience with custom fabrication in high volume environments, CNC (milling, routing, drilling), thin films coating, and assembly will provide numerous benefits to Horton's production process.

Prior to his experience, Brad also served our country as an Infantry Officer in the US Army for over 8 years. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Management from the United States Military Academy at West Point and an MBA from Ohio University.

Dave Marshall

Brand Manager

Dave Marshall joined Horton Emergency Vehicles in December 2015 as the Brand Manager, responsible for leading Horton’s factory direct sales team and growing our dealer network. Prior to Horton, Dave held various roles with two other REV Ambulance brands, Marque and McCoy Miller. There, he held the titles of Plant Manager, VP of Operations, National Sales Manager, and Director of Operations.

As an ambulance industry veteran, Dave holds several certifications in sales fundamentals, customer service, inventory and cycle count, lean manufacturing, and quality assurance.


Carl Horton establishes Horton Emergency Vehicles, recognizing a need in the industry for better equipped emergency vehicles. Horton develops the first van ambulance, pioneering the transition from hearse-based transport.


Our Type I and Type III, two new models of ambulances, give EMTs more room to work in an all-aluminum modular body.


Horton establishes reputation for testing, analyzing module performance during HYGE sled test.

Critical Care vehicles are introduced to the EMS industry, giving medics access to all necessary equipment en route.


The industry's first CPR seat configuration with center mounted cot is introduced by Horton.


Horton develops the first combination rescue/ambulance vehicle.


Horton assesses safety and efficacy of newest innovations through second round of testing in company history.


All-aluminum cabinetry is introduced by Horton engineering, reinforcing interior structure and reducing the transmission of blood-borne pathogens.


Quickly known for its durability and strength, Horton introduces a new Medium Duty ambulance to the market, the first unit sold to Lexington, KY.


Horton engineering develops System 2000, the first programmable solid state electrical system.


Horton's third round of testing continues to influence Horton safety and innovation.


Horton tests for a fourth time in company history.


Protecting EMS personnel from potential injuries during highway or traffic calls, Horton introduces silhouette safety lighting.


Horton updates the modern electronic system, providing the first multiplexed solid state electronics system.


Horton celebrates its fifth year of voluntary testing.

The newest Horton innovations include a crash-resistant step, anti-microbial grab rails/panels, and quiet metal floors.


Our VI-Tech system takes mounting a step further - raising the module off the chassis and outside the wheel wells, providing a quiet, safe ride and improved handling.


Third-party testing validates the integrity of the Horton cabin to ECE R29, SAE J2420 an SAE J422 standards.


The Horton Occupant Protection System (HOPS) leads rollover safety programs with a systematic approach including air bags, progressive resistance padding and three-point restraint seat belts.


Horton introduces heated floor, providing a more comfortable and targeted interior temperature control.


Horton adopts lean manufacturing practices, transition from bay-build to single-flow assembly.


CG-Tech and Carbon Fiber offer alternatives to Formica, featuring interiors that won't crack, scratch or delaminate.

Horton imbeds lighting strips into chevron pattern on back of ambulance, improving appearance and safety.


COOL-Tech™ introduces new standard in HVAC system, operated by ECO smart controller.


Intelliplex i4G™, Horton’s 4th generation multiplex electrical system debuts at FDIC, leading the industry in electrical innovation with integrated mobile app.

Building upon a tradition of safety lighting, Horton introduces LED marker lights and dual-color LED strip lights, offering maximum visibility for users when responding to a call.