Innovation – the hottest industry buzzword. It’s commonplace to see various ambulance companies touting their newest innovations, trying to top one another. At Horton, we believe in approaching it differently. Innovation isn’t reactive. We don’t look at the competition and think, "We can do that too." We’re proactive – gaining feedback from dealers and customers, taking notes from test results, and encouraging internal employee ideas.

We innovate on behalf on the customer and passengers, spending time and resources to improve the safety and performance of all our models. Innovation isn’t just coming up with the "latest and greatest." It’s also about taking a look at our current process and thinking "Can we do this better?", eliminating waste and improving efficiency

Several innovations have become Horton standards after extensive testing. Some competitors start with basic standards, charging you more for the add-on features necessary for optimal performance and reliability. We stand behind our decisions, knowing an optimized standard is better than entry-level basic.

For Horton, innovation isn’t an option. It isn’t a gimmick. It’s the way we do business.

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Structure – it's the foundation of your ambulance and it's where quality and integrity start. Horton builds the best box in the industry, based on several standard features:

  • .125 inch aluminum – the highest quality available
  • 32 gusset minimum – tested and proven to strengthen the integrity of seams
  • AWS certified welders – construction skills that match our material quality
  • Structurally-sound cabinets – built to the same standards as our body
  • Corner keys in door and door frames

All of this translates into the most structurally sound box on the market, built without weak points. We have tested the body strength of our module, verifying the integrity to 90,000 pounds of pressure. When there are only a few inches of metal between you and a semi-truck going 60 miles per hour, material and construction count.

While the main focus is safety, a structurally sound module has various other benefits for Horton owners. Our structures are built without wood or other organic materials, virtually eliminating transmission surfaces for blood-borne pathogens. Organic surfaces are also susceptible to warping - resulting in an ambulance body where cabinets bow and doors won't open. Horton's modules stand the test of time, allowing longer service and increased ability to remount without costly adjustments.


Horton leads the industry in safety innovations, most notably providing the first and only standard occupant rollover protection system. For more information, visit our section of the site solely dedicated to Horton safety.

Sound & ride

In an effort to provide the best ride in the industry, Horton has developed the most comprehensive ride solution on the market. Most competitors mount their boxes on chassis provided systems. Essentially, the ride you get in the back of their box is the same ride you'd get in the back of a pickup truck. Understanding that a safe and smooth ride is integral to EMS operations, Horton developed the VI-Tech mounting system.

Our system is based on several layers of aluminum for integrity and a neoprene elastomer dampener, built specifically for improved stability and quality of ride. VI-Tech is mounted outside of the main frame, positioned over the wheel wells. Isolated from the road, an ambulance ride on VI-Tech is notably smoother and quieter. In fact, many Horton models have taken top prize in ambulance rodeos, based largely on ride.

Horton's answer for a better ride reaches beyond VI-Tech. Our complete solution includes 8 layers of floor insulation and 3 layers of ceiling insulation:

  • Non-flammable latex coating sprayed on entire underbody, body interior walls, roofs, floor, access and compartment door interiors
  • Interior cabinet backs covered by Antiphone dampening material
  • Door interiors lined with polydamp intefoam extensional damping pad
  • Body structural tubes filled with non-resonating dampening material
  • Side stepwell areas backed with PT Damping Pad
  • All walls insulated with 2" Technicon Polyfiber acoustic insulation
  • Headliners double insulated with 2" Technicon Polyfiber and a Reflectix barrier
  • Body constructed with "Quiet Metal," a constrained layer technology
  • Stratoflex II, a sound suppressing/insulating composite applied beneath the patient area vinyl flooring material


Intelliplex i4G™

Intelliplex i4G™ features an enhanced, 7" LCD touch screen, with custom programming capabilities. To the left and right of the screen are eight "mission-critical" buttons, which allow users to complete the most essential ambulance functions in the unlikely event of screen failure.

Increased input and output modules put no limit on command customization – users can fully multiplex thousands of operations. Available in super or mini size depending on necessity, the i4GTM module includes LED status lights for easy troubleshooting.

Programing and updates have never been easier. Horton’s i4G™ allows system updates via USB port. When a system update is necessary, Horton can email the programming file. Simply download the file onto a USB drive, and upload to your vehicle. Intelliplex i4G™ reduces the possibility of ambulance downtime, providing you quick programming capabilities.

Providing the last link in connectivity, optional Horton Connect mobile app puts ambulance control in the palm of your hand. With a simple tap on the screen, you can lock/unlock doors, change climate and adjust interior lights. The mobile app also connects the ambulance to a cloud-based Command Center, where customized preventative maintenance schedules are tracked. When necessary, the system will send reminders or alerts to users via i4G™ screen, mobile app and email.

To learn why Intelliplex i4G™ is the best electrical offering on the market, download our literature. If you’re looking for the complete connectivity to your ambulance, read more about the Horton Connect package.


Max Cool

Max Cool provides an effective cooling system with two 6500 CFM fans and two 32,000 BTU cooling coils. Uniform airflow is achieved through dual-location fans, resulting in a cool experience in all parts of the ambulance module.

Cool-Tech II™

Boasting a 100,000 BTU cooling condenser capacity, Horton’s Cool-Tech II™ can complete a full module cool down in less than nine minutes. Several Cool-Tech II™ features interact to provide the best in maintenance and performance including four unit "smart fans," energy-efficient solar panels, performance monitors, and system pressure control. Best yet, the Cool-Tech II™ operates out of a recessed pocket on the top of the module, offering both style and function. Read more about the features and benefits of Cool-Tech II™ by downloading our literature.


Walls, Doors, and Console Areas

Providing the next level of interior protection for your ambulance, CG-Tech is a Horton-exclusive alternative to Formica. Paired with CG Tech, Carbon Fiber/Kevlar panels offer one of the most unique ambulance interior options available. Read more about the benefits of Horton’s high-quality interior innovations here.


Horton's high-quality interiors are complemented by the safety and maintenance benefits of radius-corner trim and counters. Smooth edges eliminate corners and lips that potentially collect dirt and debris. Horton trim is designed with a unique maintenance-friendly removable cap. With a simple Horton tool, this cap can be easily detached for replacement or service.

Horton's radius interiors include:

  • Cabinet Trim
  • Cabinet Trim Sliding
  • Cabinet Trim Sliding Lift Up
  • 1.5"-Radius Corner Trim
  • Radius Avonite Trays



Interior lighting options are almost unlimited - they include a restocking timer controlled by Intelliplex and advanced LED strip lighting for cabinet interiors.

  • LED marker lights
      Enhancing our standard, all ambulances come equipped with LED center marker lights. Also offered are new corner and side LED marker lights, offering even greater visual recognition. Available in red or amber, these new marker lights help identify your vehicle as a signature Horton ambulance. As an added benefit, these roof light offerings help establish a clear perimeter for quick and easy recognition by Roto Wing emergency response.
  • Dual-color LED strip lights
      Four times brighter than standard LED lights, Horton's LED strip lights come in 12" or 6" strips of dual colors. Within one strip, contrasting 3" sections will flash in a combination of red/amber or red/white, improving visibility and recognition. Dual-color LED strip lights can be used in body doors, rub rails and chevron lights.
  • Identify Lighting
    • Horton is proud to provide Identify Lighting, strip lighting engineered around the top and under the drip rail to help oncoming traffic see your vehicle.
  • Silhouette Safety Lighting
    • Traditional vehicle warning lights define the perimeter of your vehicle at an emergency scene. Horton builds upon this by providing lighting to protect you when working from an exterior compartment. Our Silhouette Safety Lighting outlines the width of open doors and the bottom of your vehicle. From a distance, the safety lighting is projected with the same intensity of the upper warning lights. As you draw closer, the light changes to a bright, but less intense glow.
  • Conspicuity lighting
    • A new application of the Silhouette Safety Lighting, our Conspicuity Lighting Package augments diagonal reflective stripes, replacing the need for additional brake lights or turn signals, through-the-window red flashing lights or turn signals.