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Custom engineered to fit your needs

When it comes to specialized transport vehicles, every situation is different – a standard design won’t fit your needs. Based on 45 years of custom engineering, Horton provides the premiere design service for those looking to purchase a new CCT or hospital ambulance.

Past clients can attest – working with Horton on a tough spec is a unique experience. Through a collaborative brainstorming process, we leverage our extensive experience to accommodate your particular requests. Do you need a side-entry mounted hydraulic lift for an incubator or stretcher? Not a problem, we’ve done it before. Innovation is a driver to excellence. We don’t shy away from a challenge.

Interested in our past experience? Customize your search to view specialized transport vehicles in our featured delivery gallery.

Dependability – no compromise for specialized transport care

Providing specialized transport for critical care patients requires an ambulance that you can depend on. Reliability isn’t an option, but a necessity. When you travel several hours to a location and back, you can’t have an ambulance breaking down. We understand that. It’s the expert engineering and construction behind the walls that makes the difference. Our employees on the line aren’t just workers; they are craftsmen with specialized skills. Your assembly will be complete and it will be correct, providing daily function that you can rely on.

Interiors that optimize performance, inspire confidence

In many senses, a technical transport team performs like a well-choreographed dance troupe. Your Horton- designed layout will provide optimal functionality and accessibility, based on the flow of your crew. Known for our superior interiors, we create an environment that is non-threatening, professional and clean. Providing the entire package will inspire confidence in the ability of your ambulance and your team.

Our experience spans several decades with notable clients including:

Children’s Medical Center of DallasDallas, TX
Nationwide Children’s Hospital Columbus, OH
Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters Norfolk, VA
MedFlight Critical Care Transport Columbus, OH
MedTrans/Miami Valley Hospital Springfield, OH

Not every manufacturer is equipped to build, design and outfit the most custom of ambulances. Our transport vehicles are tailor-made for your setting. The result is an ambulance that functions perfectly for you. Contact your dealer to start your custom build today.