We're here to stay

Horton's plant and main office are located in a 105,000 square foot facility, designed to meet the custom manufacturing needs of our vehicles. Prior to 1994, Horton operated out of a rented building on Industrial Mile in Columbus, Ohio. Increased production demand prompted relocation to our current facility, based out of Grove City, Ohio.

Ownership of our plant and corporate building allows Horton to ensure current and future customers that our company is here to stay. When you purchase a Horton, you can be assured that our company will be around just as long as your vehicle, able to support in parts and service.

Located just north of our main facility, Horton's Southwest building provides an additional 76,000 square feet of area, housing parts inventory, warehouse space, and our factory Service Center.

Continuous facility improvement

In early 2011, Horton transitioned from "bay build" to a single-flow operation line. Previous procedures requiring 50,000 square feet were reorganized into 29,000 square feet of space. As a result, 20 percent of our plant was made available, accommodating inventory and operations previously executed in our Southwest facility.

Facility improvement is a continuous process at Horton, as we strive to provide a clean, presentable, efficient and safe environment for our customers, dealers and employees.

Our dedication to facility improvement also extends to technological investments. In the past 5 years alone, Horton purchased several new pieces of equipment to meet the increased demands of operations. Reduced production time and minimized waste allowed many of the technologies to pay for themselves in less than a year.