Ambulance Types


When you buy Horton, you buy quality

Here at Horton, we are proud to build the best ambulance in the industry, by any standard. We choose the highest quality materials, not to charge more, but because it matters. Since 1968 we've allowed our internal collaboration and customer feedback to drive innovation, introducing the best in ambulance features, benefits and performance. And we'll never add a frivolous component without extensive testing to verify its performance. We believe in offering standard features that are necessary to build the safest ambulance in the industry.

But quality means much more than a well-built ambulance. For Horton, quality translates into the industry's lowest cost of ownership. Factoring in purchase price, maintenance costs, operating costs, uptime, life expectancy and resale value, Horton provides a competitive, if not better lifetime cost alternative to industry competitors.

Whatever model you choose, we promise - you won't be disappointed in a Horton.

For more information on each of our ambulance models, please visit the pages below:

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